Love & The Second Law of Thermodynamics

If the Universe is finite, and the science affirms it is, that means it’s an isolated system. The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of such systems tends not to decrease, so entropy must be the law of the Universe, but…

But, if you go out and look at the beauty of this world, the wonders of the nature—big and small; the secrets of the ocean’s depths—hidden beneath its turquoise swells; the vastness of the heavens with their trillions of stars shining down upon you, and the Moon, and the Sun with its crown of fire; and look beyond all that to your fellow human, and strive to reveal the goodness in his soul, you will surely notice that there is more to the Universe than Entropy and Void.

If you are a believer—it’s easy. You are already there.

But if you are not, well, it should not be hard for you too.

As a man of science, you know we live one life, and one life only. And even if we are lucky, and blow a hundred candles, it’s still nothing compared to the Universe’s longevity.

And as a person who values knowledge, you undoubtedly comprehend the Universe is not even yet in its infancy — 13.8 billion, out of its expected one hundred trillion of years of life.

Compared to this immense number, our lives are not even on the scale and yet here you are — standing barefooted on the firm ground, gazing upon all that wonder, from a tiny speck called Earth, that hurls through the Void at a speed of nearly 1,000 kilometers per second towards a structure called the Great Attractor…

So, even if we are mere electric sparks between neurons soaked in a soup of chemicals, even then my friend, you are still here. Feeling, thinking, being. Your existence is proof that there is more to life than Entropy, that there is more in the Universe than the empty Void, that Love prevails.

Therefore, my human friend, you shouldn’t trouble your curious mind with dismal thoughts on Entropy, but spent your time enjoying the Love you’ve been gifted, as it is out there. You just have to look.

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