Love & Hate

Love and Hate

Love and Hate.

They are the same.

People think them opposite.

They are not.

Love is Hate.

Hate is Love.

They both spring from the same source.

They both are a product of the same organ. And the bigger it is, the stronger they are.

Love and Hate.


Purity is what makes them different.

Love — fresh and bright like morning dew, ready to quench even the biggest thirsts of one’s heart.

Hate — dark and muddy like the waters of a broken dam, dragging away high dreams and broken promises, drowning one’s soul under the monstrous swell of dismal thoughts and heavy shards of a broken heart.

Void — a scorched plane devoid of everything and all. A plane of emptiness where thought does not exist. Where every feeling is turned into dust. And the dust is blown away. And even the memory of the wind that carried it away had faded into nothingness.

That, is the opposite of Love and Hate.

Because even raging waters calm at the end, their impurities settle down and are forgotten, while the warmth of someone’s heart is turning the crystal surface into clouds of dreams that rain essence of Love.

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