The other day I read an article about a child praying to Alexa, and that got me thinking…

The Old Gods Are Dead

The Old Gods Are Dead — That’s the new creed of the modern world.

For years the society fought to eliminate the influence of the faith in our lives. To become secular. To judge and be judged on a merit base, and yet, we only succeeded to exchange one god for another.

On Friendship

When a tempest comes, it cleanses all that is dead. Including friendships.
Friends. Friends don’t flee with the first gust of frozen rain.

They stick with you, sharing body heat, and pain, and sorrow, and tears.

And when the blizzard finally hits, they hold you tight for all their life is worth. Because your demise will be theirs as well, as a life without you won’t be life at all.

Those are the friends you must keep close.

The rest is chaff.

Love & Hate

Love and Hate

Love and Hate.

They are the same.

People think them opposite.

They are not.

Love is Hate.

Hate is Love.

They both spring from the same source.

They both are a product of the same organ. And the bigger it is, the stronger they are.

Love and Hate.


Purity is what makes them different.