Without Notice

Sometimes the Reaper comes without notice.

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In the small-town LeMelle, Deep South, the day begins as usual for Verna–a chatty, small-time waitress at Chez Antoine. On the outside, she’s as cheerful as one can get, but hidden behind the facade lies a scarred soul, tormented by a terrible secret.

So when the doorbell jangles and a charming stranger crosses the diner’s threshold, Verna excitedly welcomes him, until it becomes clear that he knows more than he should.

Soon she realizes that her ordinary day is about to turn into a nightmare and she will have to gamble with her soul…

Haiku 57

Solar wind blazing
last breath of a lonely star—Death
rises to meet me

A jisei (death poem) from my upcoming novel.

Haiku 11

Cold rain soaks the roofs
The birds don’t sing in the night
Winter never ends


June 4
7 °C outside ( that’s 44 °F )
Couldn’t sleep last night. Instead, I wrote this haiku.